Eliana – 10 Months!

Eliana, you are 10 months old!!

By the numbers: 10 months old. 4 daytime feedings.  2 naps per day.  size 4 diapers. size 9-12 month clothes.

You are growing so fast, I cannot keep up.  Whenever anyone asked “How is life with two?” I used to say in all honesty, “Easier than one!” That was before you became mobile, my dear, and since that point, you have taken off and not looked back. You are constantly on the go and into everything, curiosity pulling you quickly from one thing to the next.

You climb over everything in sight!

Speaking of life with two, the question of “How is life with two?” has suddenly and unexpectedly become, “How is life with three?” as we spontaneously added dear, sweet, wonderful Rehan to our family in October. Rehan is from the Philippines and is attending school here this year, and we have the privilege of being her family until June.  You and Shuah love having a big sister!

The last two months have been a blur of numerous milestones for you, the most life-altering has been your ability to propel yourself across the floor at near lightning speed.  While you can get up on all fours and rock back and forth, you prefer to flop back onto your belly and pull yourself forward with your hands rather than full out crawl.  You have a mind of your own and you know what you want, and lately, what you want has been anything you are not allowed to have (TV, outlets, cords, etc) and nobody but Mama or Dada. You make your desires known with various forms of ear-splitting screeching and hollering, which we are attempting to curb into words and signs.  You love to imitate all sounds, and this week you said your first words (other than mama and dada)! As we dressed you in your cow costume for Halloween, Rehan said, “You are such a cute cow!” and you whispered “cow” right back to her.  The next day, you were on a mission to destroy your brother’s train tracks again, and as I said, “Baby, no tracks,” you breathed “tacks.”  You are on your way to talking in earnest, I think!

As far as eating and sleeping go, you continue to be very different from your brother.  On any given day, he sleeps more than you do, as you regularly take only two 45 minute naps and are revved to go for the reset of the day.  On very rare occasions I will nurse you in the middle of the night if you wake, and once in a blue moon you need a pacifier to calm you, but other than that, you sleep from 6:30pm to 6:30am (with a 5am feeding) like a dream.  The addition of two razor sharp bottom teeth have contributed to your eating much more table food.  You are now eating everything that we eat, and doing so with gusto. You are much pickier than your brother, though, and prefer fruit to anything else.  This week, you grabbed my morning kefir smoothie, and before I knew it, you had finished it all off! Now we know you can drink through a straw!

You have had a couple of “off” days, where you are just a little extra clingy, needy and generally fussy. I think you are working on some more teeth. Your general disposition remains extremely happy and fun-loving.  You love to explore the world and laugh at everything in sight.

You are growing up far too quickly for this Mama and Daddy, but we sure do love watching you do it!


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  1. What a spunky peanut!


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