2012 Chemical Elimination Poll: Is it worth it?

Yes, I am still alive here. I have just continued in my laxity on all things blogging. Honestly, it is mostly because I feel like I am writing into emptiness. I have two small children (one who rarely sleeps), a teenager, and a husband to care for. I only want to blog if it is of some benefit to someone. And I have to ask myself, am I the only one interested in the chemical elimination goals I set out to accomplish for the year? It is a lot of work to do the research, implement changes, and then blog about it every month. But it is totally worth it if it is benefiting my family (in living cleaner, safer, healthier) and others (who have the same desires). But honestly, every month that I embark on the topic for that month, I feel a bit like 1) nobody cares 2) if they did care, all of the information is out there for them to find anyway. Am I really doing anybody a service, or am I just wasting time?

This is not a blog post to instigate pity. I just really need to know if it is worth the time and effort to do the last 4? months of the Chemical Elimination posts. I saved the most intimidating ones for last, and we will not actually be able to implement many of the changes I would be researching into our own home until a later, less penny-pinching time. So I feel like a bit of a hypocrite to write about the dangers of flouride, hormones, and pesticides seeping into our drinking water, when the only solution costs more than we can afford anyway. There is also a sense in which I feel that ignorance is bliss if I cannot do anything to change things anyway.

So I am looking for input. Is there anyone out there who is just dying to see the last four Chemical Elimination posts and would benefit from them? Or does everybody have more pressing things to occupy their time? Because I really, really hate to feel like I am behind and not finishing what I started if people are counting on it…but if they’re not, I don’t want to waste my time or theirs.

On the other hand, I myself am curious about the last five topics (Shampoo/Conditioner, Medicine Cabinet, Laundry Soap, Safe Drinking Water, Home/Personal Fragrances) and have half of them halfway drafted and would be more than happy to post about it if other people are interested. I just need to know that so I am motivated:-)

So what do you think? Should I press on and finish the final 5 posts in the 2012 Chemical Elimination Challenge?

And while we’re at it, were people benefiting from my write ups of the Fabry’s Toxic Talk Tuesdays?


One response to this post.

  1. Ashley-Nicole: I never completed your poll because I didn’t feel like any of the responses quite fit my thoughts. Typical English major, right? I need essay questions, not multiple choice. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I do enjoy your chemical elimination and toxic tuesdays posts–especially when there are suggestions for a spectrum of steps to take. I don’t think it’s realistic for me to start making all my cleaning supplies from scratch, and my skin and hair are very picky and will not put up with super-natural products (I tried TONS of them in the past). So I like suggestions that feel practical and not too daunting. It’s actually encouraging to me to hear that you aren’t doing all of the most extreme/thorough options–because the thought of them utterly overwhelms me and it’s at least nice to know I’m not the only one who can’t manage all of that! πŸ™‚


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