Jeshuah, You Are Three–How Can That Be??

Dear Jeshuah,

You are three years old today! The last year has flown by so fast, I really cannot believe it.  The year began with the birth of your baby sister, Eliana.


You instantly warmed to her, and she became your playmate and sidekick in all things.  You guys are the best of friends.  You love to wrestle her–and she loves it too!–You love to feed her your food, bend your face close to hers and ask sweetly, “Like it, Baby?”  You get downright giddy when I put her on the little John Deere Gator, and you get on your bike, and she “chases” you around the house. About the only thing you don’t enjoy is her fascination with your trains.  As soon as you build a track, she is sure to break it apart. We are working on patiently saying, “No, please, Baby” and then asking Mommy or Daddy for help to retrieve her before she wrecks your tracks.


Speaking of sisters, Eliana was not the only sister we added this year. Rehan, a 16-year old Filipino, came to join our family in September as she attends high school here in the States.  You love having a big sister, and she adores you and your little sister.093

You love to explore the world, and I love watching your eyes light up as you discover new things.  Your very favorite thing right now, is trains, trains, and more trains.  You enjoy adding to your collection of Thomas trains.  In your opinion, I believe you can never have too many tracks or trains.  Every morning, you wake up and ask to play “choo choos,” and Daddy builds you a magnificent track.  Lately, though, you have your own ideas about how you want the track to go, and sometimes you grow frustrated by the tracks’ inability to go the way you want them to go.

You still love the great outdoors more than anything, and the cold is frustrating you to not be able to go out in it.  Not that you mind the cold at all. You would stay outside day and night, until you hands turned blue, if I would let you! In the summer, you enjoyed the sand and water table and garden out back.  You love to dig in the dirt, make big piles with it, and play in the water.   You still love to pour water, and when it is not nice outside, sometimes we do “water play” in the sink or tub and you collect cups, bowls, and spoons and pour water from one cup to the other in delight.


You have been potty trained since 8 months (poopy) and 12 months (potty), but I finally was brave enough to put you in underwear all day shortly after your second birthday.  When you were two and a half, we noticed you were consistently dry when you woke up in the mornings, so you started wearing underwear full time.

Speaking of sleeping, you still sleep more than any kid I know! It is not uncommon for you to go to bed at 7:30 in the evening and wake up at 7:30 in the morning, then take a 3+ hour nap in the afternoon.  You are, however, much more flexible than you used to be.  We can move your nap around depending on the activities of the day, and even push your bedtime late when you go to Nana and Poppa or Grandma and Grandpa’s.

Going to your grandparents’ on either side is definitely your favorite thing to do.  Going to Grandpa and Grandma Willcox’s, you love to pretend Olympics with cousins Noah and Annie, ever since the summer Olympics this year.  When you go to Nana and Poppa’s house, the barn with its old John Deere tractors and the pasture with its cows are your favorite in the world.  You talk about it for months, begging to go see Poppa’s cows, feed them hay, and call them with “saboss.” You enjoy building your own farm setups here at home and pretending the farmer is Poppa.

Only a hint of the autism remains, after your chiropractic treatments over a year ago.  Every day we marvel at how you learn and grow, how you explore your world and live to the fullest.  You talk in full sentences and learn new words and phrases every day.  We rejoice in your sweet disposition, your tender spirit, and your fun-loving personality.

You are such a gift from God, and we love you tons and bunches!!


Daddy and Mama

(Following is a montage of some of my favorite pictures of how much you love your baby sister:-) I tried to upload more of us together, but we were having computer issues, so I let it go for now!)

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  1. Posted by sharonrlaird on December 27, 2012 at 4:20 am

    Jeshuah, how COULD you be 3? Watching you and the other grandchildren grow is one of the biggest joys of my life!


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