I’m Back!

After a very lengthy, unannounced sabbatical (sorry!), I am taking up writing again.  There are numerous reasons for my absence, one being my two young children and a pregnancy taking up the majority of my attention lately.  I also was uncertain whether or not there was really a need for another blog out there in the blogosphere.  Sometimes the amount of information available is overwhelming, and I certainly do not want to add to the chaos. I think that mostly, though, I must admit to a huge inferiority complex that intimidated me from writing because there was so many other bloggers out there so much more capable and knowledgeable than I, and that people only read my blog because they felt sorry for me, and I would be doing everyone a favor by quitting writing.

That pity party lasted a long time before I realized it ultimately shouldn’t matter to me how popular my blog is or isn’t. I don’t write for fame and glory.  I write because I simply cannot not write.  Whether I am simply another mommy blogger trying to find my way through the wilderness of raising children, cherishing the gospel in everyday life, and filling our home with nourishing meals on a budget, my soul needs to write. I need to blog for the accountability and motivation it provides for me. I need to blog as a creative outlet amidst the sometimes exhausting mundane of laundry, dishes, and cleaning. And if my blogging can encourage others along the way, then praise God. If it is only to document what we are learning and doing for my own reference, that is okay, too.

And so I will carve out time to do just that.  I will attempt to write out some of our new favorite recipes, fun health facts we are learning, routines and learning activities, simple ways to implement natural, chemical-free living, and how I am learning to grow in grace and understanding of the gospel as I do all of the above.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by sharonrlaird on September 18, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    Glad you’re back–I ALWAYS love reading what’s going on in your life 🙂


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