Our Series of Unfortunate Events, Part 2

For Part 1, click here.

The morning of The Big Drive to South Dakota dawned crisp, clear, and very, very early. Light streamed in through my in-law’s large guest room window, and Jubilee kicked and cooed softly in her bed. It was 5:40am, but there was no going back to sleep now. Our adrenaline was pumping, and we were just ready to get going on our new adventure.

I wrapped a borrowed robe around my mother-in-law’s floral nightgown and headed to the kitchen for coffee. As soon as my clothes from the day before (the one pair I had, remember) finished in the dryer, we would say our goodbyes and head out. I hate goodbyes and much prefer “see you later” with a promise to visit soon. I was ready to be done feeling sad and start feeling excited for this next step. We had been waiting a long time for this!

We had to swing past our house one last time though before leaving town, to fill up our coolers from our fridge and freezer. But I could only find one cooler. With a sinking feeling, I realized the other empty cooler had been packed into the truck. I would just have to leave half my food behind.

The first leg of our trip was a short hour and a half to my parents’ house for brunch on our way past.  I stopped at my favorite “baby and mama” store to grab two pairs of jammies I had been wishing for, thankful for a good excuse to buy them:) We got to my parents’ house, where my brothers, their wives and little ones were waiting. As we sat down to brunch, Mom eagerly presented me with a Target bag. Her eyes glowed as she prompted me to open it.  I reached in and withdrew three blouses and a cardigan.

“Jenna helped me choose,” she beamed, and I knew my sister had FaceTimed from Indianapolis while she shopped.

I exclaimed my delight and thanks as Jess handed me another bag.  “This is from us and Jenna and Joey,” she explained.

Eyes wide, I reached into the proffered bag. Inside was a beautiful necklace and two gift cards.

I gasped. “I LOVE this necklace!! Every time I go to Target I covet it!”

“I know.” They smiled.

“And Starbucks and Subway giftcards…we HAVE a Subway in our little town! Thank you, thank you!”

Stephen and I were overwhelmed and so grateful.

The Brother handed me my absolute favorite treat of all time: Coffeesmith’s white chocolate mocha and chocolate chip cookie dough. “For the drive,” he smiled.

Mom mentioned there were also diapers to load into the van before we left. Oh, and a going away dress Sister had bought me that mom meant to give me the week before, but had forgotten.

“I am so glad you forgot! Now I have something to wear to church!”

Before long, it was time to get back on the road. We all gathered around and prayed God’s blessing on us as we headed into the great unknown. Then, we loaded up again and hit the road.

I drove the van with Jubilee and a host of boxes and suitcases, while Stephen had the two older kids in his car. Forty five minutes into the 5 hour trip, he called me.

“Shuah says he is going to throw up.”

My stomach dropped. “Seriously?”

“He’s huffing and puffing.”

*panic* “Pull over NOW!” Few children hate throwing up as much as Shuah does. He does anything to avoid it. But if he starts huffing and puffing, there is no stopping it. It is inevitable.

We whipped into a gas station and got Shuah out of the car just seconds before he got sick.

Praise God for not having to clean it out of the car!

And 7 hours later, we pulled into our temporary residence in South Dakota. Just seconds before I got sick.

Praise God for that, too!

It was late, we were all exhausted, but we had made it in time for Stephen’s first Sunday at church.

We wouldn’t be going to church in the morning, though.

To Be Continued…



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