Our Series of Unfortunate Events, Conclusion



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I am sitting on our front porch, steaming cup of hot coffee in one hand, freshly baked mocha chip muffin in the other, looking out over the miles of corn fields. Country dirt roads cross up and down the hills, and in the distance, I can see cars driving on the interstate and the even more distant blinking lights of the airport.  But out here it is still, quiet, peaceful.  The crickets chirp, and the mud swallow cheeps, fluttering overhead, frustrated that we keep knocking down the nest he was building over our window, then on our porch light. I can hear the cows lowing in the back yard. I hope they didn’t get out again.

The past few weeks has been insane. Tumultuous. Hectic. Crazy.  A strange mash up of both awful and wonderful all at once. Our transition to our new life was anything but smooth.  But it was blessed. It was grace filled. At every turn, we’d look around the corner of confusion and anxiety, and see God’s hand at work, just like always.

In the weeks since we have moved, there have been times when I just sat down and cried from sheer exhaustion–so many new people, new places, new things.  There have been emotional eruptions similar to that of Mount St. Helen when I am asked a simple, innocent question by one of the kids.  And there has also been supernatural calm, comfort, and peace of “God with us.” Through all the changes, God has been good.

When we received word that our new temporary home was ready for us, a group of church people came over to help us unload and welcome us with all sorts of delightful homemade treats: strawberry rhubarb jam and fresh rolls, blueberry rhubarb jam, sweet rolls, the list goes on.  We were overwhelmed with the love, support, and encouragement we met with upon our arrival.  We have been meeting so many new and wonderful people and exploring delightful, fun places. And we really, really like it here.

Despite feeling comfortable here and settling in, there have been times when I simply long for “normal”–I long to simply be able to get dressed and brush my teeth in the morning instead of being faced with still more boxes needing unpacked.  I wish I could put up our wedding photo at the end of the hall, just like it always has been, but since this place is furnished already and we hope to move in a few months, we are trying to keep as much of our things packed up as we can.  But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to put the kids’ baby pictures out in their bedroom, and find the best possible way to organize each closet and space. I want to have our “favorites”–parks, hiking trails, biking paths, restaurants, playplaces, friends, etc. Everything that feels like home. I am ready to feel “normal” here.  But I know it will take awhile.

In the meantime, I love the “normal” of holding my baby, snuggled into the crook of my arm contentedly after a good feeding. The milk-drunk glazed eyes that stare up into mine as the tiny thumb pops into her mouth and she coos quietly past her thumb, her little leg thumping softly in her mellowed, blissful state. I take an extra few minutes to rock with her and wait for that precious, beautiful feeling of limp heaviness as she passes into sweet slumber before I lay her down for the night.  I love the “normal” of driving a Lego car around with my kids, reenacting a storyline always including bad guys vs. good guys.  I love the “normal” or sautéing butter in a pan and the sizzle as I add the garlic and onions and enjoy the aroma of a home cooked meal. For now, these are my “normal,” and soon we will have a new “normal” that feels just as normal as the last one did.

As I sit on my front porch and enjoy the stillness, I am amazed at how God has worked these last few weeks. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to relive them.  They were majorly stressful.  But God’s mercy, grace, and love was evident every step of the way. We never felt abandoned or alone. He brought us through to the other side, up to the top of the mountain to see the valley below and see the paths on which he carried us. And I know He will continue to carry us on this journey.  He will lead us, guide us, and give us strength for each new day. He is faithful. And He is good.


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  1. What a whirlwind. So glad things are calming down for y’all now… hoping everything goes smoothly with the transition to a more permanent place for you. 🙂


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