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My Amazing Mom

My Mom left for home today after being here for a week that flew past.  As I was being discharged from the hospital, I received instructions to do “no cooking, cleaning, laundry, going up and down stairs, etc.”  So basically…I couldn’t do anything around the house! I had no idea about the recovery process after giving birth!

So I was even more thankful that Mom had blocked off a week to come and help us out.  She was invaluable advice when I was at my wits’ end with nursing.  She has guided me through getting him to sleep better.  She cooked delicious meals and then cleaned them all up, so I kept looking over from the couch at a sparkling kitchen and saying, “This feels so weird. My kitchen is spotless, and I didn’t do a thing!”  She must have done twenty loads of laundry, folded, and put them away.  She took Jeshuah when my arms couldn’t hold him anymore.  She helped me figure out how to wash cloth diapers.  She cried with me when I broke down from sheer exhaustion.  She prayed with me when my heart was anxious about how to do this mothering thing.  I could go on and on…but you get the idea!

I am so thankful for Dad loaning her to us for this week so that he had to eat out every meal:-)  I am thankful to her for losing much sleep at night so that I could get some!  I have the most amazing parents, and I just wanted to praise them a little bit to let them know just how much I appreciate them!


Unto Us a Child is Born

Last night at 11:02, Jeshuah Paul Willcox entered the world! He is a healthy 8 lbs. and is 20 inches long and seems to be enjoying his time out of the womb:-)

It was all really quite amazing, how it happened. On Monday I felt lousy all day and had minor contractions. I felt super weird and had an inkling that Stephen and I should celebrate our “Christmas” Tuesday morning instead of waiting for the 25th. He agreed, and we excitedly looked forward to spending the day opening presents, eating cinnamon rolls, and making brunch together.

My contractions continued into the night and Tuesday, and I called Mom to give her a status report. She said she and Dad had been looking at the weather and thought if she was going to be able to come for Baby’s birth (which we were hoping would happen!), she probably should just leave and hang out until the Little Guy made his appearance–however long that might be!

Even though I was feeling progressively crummier, I still had the “this baby will never actually be born” delusion going on and felt really bad to steal Mom from Dad and The Kid for such a long period of time to just wait around. But Stephen thought it’d be a good idea, too, so I squelched my false guilt and just tried to think of it as a nice visit with Mom.

She arrived at 6pm. Thirty minutes later, we were visiting on the couch and Pops called to check up on her. Just as she said, “Nope, she’s not in active labor,” my water broke!! Within an hour, we were heading to the hospital, and a total of 4 1/2 hours later, Jeshuah entered the world of the breathing!

The Lord’s goodness was so evident during the whole process, I am continually overwhelmed by it. Stephen and I had a sweet Christmas Tuesday morning. Mom made it for the delivery. She never would have gotten here in time if she had waited for the “I’m in labor” phone call we all had planned on. I could never have survived labor without Mom and Stephen with me! They were like soild rocks the entire time, breathing with me, reminding me of truth and sweet memories, feeding me ice chips:-) And a major praise is that my back handled the entire thing wonderfully. I went without any medication and cannot believe how strong my back was! I continue to praise God for His goodness regarding that for my whole pregnancy!!

Now everyone is sleeping peacefully–except me:-) I haven’t been able to sleep tonight–probably adrenaline and hormones! But I have gone without sleep for much of my life, and the Lord has always proven faithful to be my strength. I do not doubt He will see me through this phase as well!

I will post more regarding his name, pictures, and his adorableness in subsequent posts.

Thank you all for your prayers–I FELT THEM!!! There was a time of intense panic when things progressed incredibly quickly (and oh, so painfully!) and the baby’s heart rate dropped drastically in response. But all of a sudden, during the last and most intense part of labor, a calm came over me, and I was completely relaxed and peaceful. I can only attribute the drastic change to the many of you faithful friends whom I know were praying into the night for us. Thank you!! We cannot wait for all of you to meet this Little Bundle of Joy!