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Learning to Sleep Through the Night

No, not Jeshuah. He is doing great in this department.  Three times in four days, he slept almost 12 hours through the night!

I, however, have not been so fortunate.  I am so used to getting up in the night, that I simply lie in bed, wide awake, waiting for morning. The nights that I have actually been able to sleep, I have been awakened by our neighbors’ baby crying on the other side of our bedroom wall, the trash being picked up at 5 am (on a Saturday morning…whose idea was this?!), or Stephen snoring due to a cold.  Each time I wake up, I have to surrender my sleep back to God and trust that this is part of His will and that He will sustain me throughout the day with or without sleep.

One of these days I think I will take after my baby and begin to sleep through the night again. That day cannot come too soon! I think I could just about fall asleep sitting up writing this.